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Established in 2003 by artist and musician Shawn James, The Greenpoint Gallery is a non-profit arts organization focused on emerging artists and offering classes, lectures, career counseling and affordable exhibition space. By fostering both creativity and business skills, our mission is to empower artists and help them navigate the art market as well as establish a path towards achieving their career goals. 


"Nature, wildlife and my surrounding environment have always impacted my work and are now my main sources of inspiration. My current work not only shows wildlife's natural beauty but also my personal observations and interpretations of the surrounding world..."

SHOW TIME: Friday, July 22nd, 2022 from 8pm-12am


Exhibition by Peter Thomas

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In addition to our periodic exhibitions, since the beginning of our 18 year history, the Greenpoint Gallery has worked with several community youth programs, including the NYC- sponsored WLEP (Work, Learn & Grow Program) and the Oasis Youth program. 


Space Rentals

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Our large,well-lit, open space is available for rent year round. Since the gallery is non-profit, the revenue received goes towards maintaining the facility, funding art education programs for NYC youth, and sponsoring partial or full grants toward rental fees. We offer a 6000 sq. ft multi level complex in close proximity to Manhattan and public transportation.