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Our goal at the Greenpoint Gallery is to give deserving artists exposure to a large,reputable audience. We want dedicated artists to succeed and continue making art, that’s why we host the National Juried Art Competition.  This competition is unique in the fact that it doesn’t only offer substantial cash prizes, but a solo show in NYC as well. 


The Greenpoint Gallery has over a decade-long history of excellence. We have shown the work of thousands of artists and awarded nearly $100,000 in prize money through our juried competitions. The gallery is visited by hundreds of curators, up-and-coming artists, art collectors and dealers who come to see the current trends, on a regular basis. 


The winner of Best in Show in our national competition will receive a $5,000 cash prize and a solo show in one of the most popular galleries in NYC! Three runner-up artists will be awarded $250 each and a slot in a group show.

The money awarded is enough to:


 •  Rent or move studio space

to a more inspirational location


 •  Purchase supplies and equipment

needed to further ones career


 •  Fund new projects


This year, we are providing artists with the opportunity to submit a personal statement detailing how the money would be beneficial to their artistic development.

The solo and group shows hold endless opportunities of growth for any artist. It allows one to show their work at one of the most popular-independent galleries in Brooklyn as well as nurtures the development of the skills necessary for promoting oneself and provides a space to sell your work! 


Entry into this competition is limited to the first 300 applicants; so if you are interested in submitting, please review the competition guidelines.

Competition Guidelines

 • There is a $50 submission fee for 3 images, and $10 per additional image.
 • There is a ten image limit.

 •  All entry fees are non-refundable. All decisions of the panel of judges are final.

• Must be 18 years or older.

 • Original works only.

 • One or multiple mediums accepted.
 • The deadline for submissions is Sept. 15th, 2017

 • Judging will be concluded the end of October 2017.
 • The competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of judges comprised of renowned art world professionals. The final round is judged by the panel with a point system that includes the following categories: form, content, composition, originality, execution and concept.

• Each artist who submits to the competition will receive an emailed letter of review by October 1st, letting them know if they won Best in Show or one of our three runner-up slots. Included will be a detailed review of the work. Every artist who submits will be given nation-wide exposure and listed on our webpage with a link to their website, and will be placed in our database for future competitions and consideration for slots in our regular season of solo shows.

**Important: Because of a devastating fire and subsequent equipment loss in 2016, we weren't able to post last year's artist submissions or winners on our website. We are currently working on posting that information and will have the 2017 submissions up as well. 

2016 National Competition

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